Don’t just “like” it; “love” it.


As we are in dire need of more love in the world, Virgin Mobile and singer/actress Mandy Moore have teamed up to bring the “love button” to Facebook.

“There’d been a rise in discussion about why there isn’t a love button on Facebook. So we polled them and 75 per cent said ‘yeah, we’d love to have a love button,’” said Nathan Rosenberg, chief marketing officer at Virgin Mobile Canada, which is owned by Bell.

A most lovable Mandy Moore, Disney’s “Tangled” star and singer who gave you hits like, “Cry” and “I Wanna Be With You” (my personal favorites), believes there should be a way to express our feelings more deeply. “With a Love Button, I’d get to share those special posts, pages and photos that I don’t just like – I love.”

So join the movement and start showing some love.

It’s what the world needs now.