DPWH posts photoshopped inspection picture on Facebook page, goes as well as you’d expect


After tropical storm Pedring left last Wednesday, the government went to task assessing the damage that the storm brought to our shores. It would make sense that different government agencies would take the opportunity to document the whole thing, but the DPWH took things a bit too far. A blogger by the name of Pierre Albert San Diego noticed something a bit off from one of the photos that was posted on the official DPWH Facebook page, namely, the one where Undersecretary Romeo Momo, Director Rey Tagudando and District Engineer Mikunug Macud was inspecting the damage wrought by Pedring on Roxas Boulevard. The photo in question was a horrible Photoshop job of the three, which immediately drew the ire of Pierre, him being an Engineer himself.

“I’m a civil engineer by profession and I love my job and if there’s one thing I hate it’s people that fabricate their inspection reports. Why? Inspection reports are very important in our field, if the inspection report is erroneous, this might lead to a wrong and/or costly design. Aside from that, it might lead to a very difficult project implementation, and worse, not prepare others from potential safety risks of the site,” Pierre writes in his blog. He adds, “Some say this is a very minor issue, but I see this as a nice sample of DPWH’s lack of integrity. If they can fabricate simple things like this, just imagine what these guys can do to progress billings and acceptance of projects. Also, while relatively mild, isn’t this a classic example of “Utak Wangwang?” While unethical and unnecessary, they thought they could get away with fabricating photos so they tried to.”

The offending pictures have since been pulled by the admins of the DPWH page, and they have issued an apology saying,”said enhanced photo was not the official photo release of the Department. But we would like to inform the public that the three officials were actually on site as part of the Department’s Post Disaster Assessment activities.” Hey DPWH, next time you need a good photo-op, it doesn’t hurt to ask your subjects to pose, instead of posting a shopped’ picture that looks like it was made by a drunk monkey with flipper hands that just learned how to use Photoshop. Just sayin’.