Empowering the Globe with the new Tattoo


My family used to consider my apartment a “deadzone” because there was absolutely no internet to be found –  which they also found to be pretty boring, much to their dismay. And for a long time, I kept it that way because I always felt broadband and dsl plans were just too much for my budget and too much to suit my personal need of simple browsing. But now, and with Globe, I too can bring home all of my work at an incredibly affordable price.

With both prepaid and postpaid options available, Globe Tattoo ensures flexibility and freedom for superior internet connection. As if that wasn’t enough, the brand has pulled out all the stops by delivering different products to choose from, depending on your internet needs.

Introducing the Tattoo Sticks

The familiar and basic Tattoo Sticks are still around, delivering the easiest and most affordable connection. But don’t let that fool you into thinking of slow uploading. This plug-in delivers a punch at speeds of up to 2 mbps and even lets you send texts and make calls from your computer.

The Tattoo MyFi is perfect for the life of the party with its wi-fi sharing capabilities. Either plug into your USB port like the Tattoo Stick or turn it on for instant wireless connection for up to five gadgets at up to 2 mbps. With the MyFi, keeping your friends close will be a snap.

The most powerful among the bunch, the Tattoo SuperStick takes what the MyFi offers and juices it up with the fastest connection at up to 3 mbps. Postpaid subscribers get something extra out of the deal with a monthly gift of 200 free texts.

Making all these possible is the Tattoo Broadband SIM, which is now available for purchase. So dig up those old USB sticks and resurrect them with just P60! And Globe makes the deal even sweeter with a whole day of free texts and surfing for free for every new Broadband SIM purchased until April 30, 2011.

Tattoo-ed @ Home

For those that choose speed over mobility, Globe Tattoo offers three versatile plans that will leave you waiting for others to catch up. Known for its flexible plans, the Globe Tattoo @Home Broadband plans are no different, allowing you to choose from a myriad of speeds and affordable prices.

The Globe Tattoo WiMax delivers speeds of up to 1 mbps at prices as low as P795 a month! Chatting and hooking up with friends through social media has never been made this easy or affordable.

For downloading, blogging, and gaming, turn to the Globe Tattoo DSL plans. Giving you access to up to 3 mbps of internet goodness, nothing will stand in the way of your self-expression.

The newest plan to be offered to residents of Makati CBD and selected areas in the Fort is the Globe Tattoo Torque, which amps up your connection to up to 100 mbps of super speed internet. Fly by your friends on the virtual road to the World Wide Web.

Having covered all the bases, Globe Tattoo has proven to be to unlocking the gate to the internet. So jump into the web and surf, share, and shake the world up with your own brand of originality with Globe Tattoo Mobile Broadband and Globe Tattoo @Home Broadband.

To know more about the new Globe Tattoo’s products and services, visit http://tattoo.globe.com.ph/