Facebook now valued at $65 billion


Last time we checked, the digits were $15 billion less. According to a new report, investment firm General Atlantic has bought out some shares from former Facebook employees—giving them a 0.1 percent stake in the company. This puts the social network at a 30% increase from its last investment which valued it at $50 billion.

What does this all mean? Facebook is growing at a fast rate, and it’s not even a publicly-traded company yet. Word on it being opened to the public has yet to be made; for now, we’ll have to rely on the news that employees having stock options and that 17-billion-dollar investment firms are putting their money into it.

General Atlantic bought about 2.5 million shares of stock; but while their deal with former employees have been made, it will still need Facebook’s approval to push through.

Apparently, investors have been on the hunt for Facebook stock so much that they’ve been hunting down former employees and large stockholders from its earlier days.

We’ve been keeping tabs on Facebook ourselves, and like we said before. If it’s already valued this much while it’s still a private company, how much will each share cost when they’ve finally decided to trade publicly?



Source: Reuters, CNBC.com