FinanceAsia’s 11TH Best Companies Poll


Another reason why we should be proud of our own and why the Philippines continues to hold a great stake when it comes to effective business ventures and company management. Now I may not know much about finance, but if the Aboitiz group can garner these many awards, you can be quite sure that the businesses they hold a share in are reliable and responsible.


AboitizPower President & CEO Erramon Aboitiz was named Best CEO by FinanceAsia.

Aboitiz Equity Ventures, Inc. (AEV) and Aboitiz Power Corporation (AboitizPower) prominently ranked in seven categories in the 11th annual Best Companies in Asia poll conducted by FinanceAsia, the publication of choice for the Asian investment community.

FinanceAsia’s awards, which are given per major Asian country, are considered an industry benchmark. Every year, the magazine solicits nominations and votes from more than 300 investors and analysts across the region.

In the poll, respondents are asked to score on company attributes such as corporate governance and corporate social responsibility (CSR), and also seeks consensus on companies and corporate personalities deemed best in their field.

AboitizPower CFO Iker Aboitiz was named Best CFO by FinanceAsia.

For the Philippines, AboitizPower President & CEO Erramon Aboitiz was named Best CEO and Iker Aboitiz as Best CFO.

In the Best Managed Company category, AboitizPower ranked 2nd and AEV was at 5th, improving their 6th and 11th rankings, respectively, in 2010.

For Best Corporate Governance, AboitizPower stayed steady at 6th, same as last year, while AEV improved to 7th from 8th place in 2010.

In the category of Best Investor Relations, AboitizPower ranked 3rd from last year’s 7th place, which is being occupied by AEV this year.

For Best CSR, AboitizPower improved its ranking to 3rd place from last year’s 7th spot while AEV slipped slightly to 7th from the 6th spot in 2010.

In the Most Committed to a Strong Dividend Policy category, both AboitizPower and AEV landed in 4th place, from last year’s 6th and 5th spots, respectively.

Both Erramon Aboitiz and Iker Aboitiz acknowledged the value and result of teamwork in winning the awards.

“Thank you to all. These awards are a result of the whole team delivering what our stakeholders expect from us,” said Erramon Aboitiz.

For his part, Iker Aboitiz said, “These awards belong to the entire Aboitiz team. They have nothing to do with individual talent but rather the teamwork that allows the Aboitiz Group to achieve its goals and those of its stakeholders.