Game dev makes a $25 USB stick PC, warms our nerd hearts


There’s been a lot of talk in making a low cost PC/notebook that’s so cheap it can be mass produced like crazy and be given to needy kids everywhere. The OLPC project was made exactly for that, but it seems they’ve been beat to the punch by our new favorite human being ever, Game developer David Braben. Aside from making games like Rollercoaster Tycoon series, ThrillvilleLost Winds, and most recently Kinectimals, David has found time to create a tiny USB stick PC that has a 700MHz ARM11 processor with 128MB of RAM and runs OpenGL ES 2.0 and allows 1080p output(!) via an HDMI port. The build is cheap enough and small enough that it’s easy to distribute it to schools, villages, literally anywhere that needs a PC.

[Thanks for tip, Alissandro!]

Via: Geek

Source: BBC