German brand Liqui Moly now here, makes your car run like a dream


German bestselling brand Liqui Moly, which offers a range of products consisting of motor oils, additives, vehicle care and service products, is now available in the Philippines through its exclusive distributor European Advanced Technik Corporation.  Liqui Moly prides itself in being one of the few full-range retailers in the vehicle sector, with all products actually “Made in Germany” for consistent high-quality.

If the engine is the heart of a car, then the motor oil is its blood. Liqui Moly motor oils do more than just lubricating and cooling.  They function at high temperatures and pressures; clean the engine from combustion residue, grit, acids, water and fuel particles; and protect the engine from corrosion.  Liqui Moly motor oils have a wide range of permits from German manufacturers including Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, and other foreign producers like Toyota.

For the Philippine market, Liqui Moly is introducing the following range of oils:  Longtime High Tech SAE 5W-30 – an all-around motor oil that provides exceptional engine protection for longer oil change intervals up to 40,000-km;  TopTec 4100 SAE 5W-40 – a high-quality motor oil designed for gasoline, diesel and CNG/LPG vehicles, allowing for oil change intervals of up to 30,000-km; MoS2-Low Friction SAE 10W-40 – a semi-synthetic oil especially suitable for long-interval oil change and extreme running conditions; Super Low-Friction SAE 10W-40 –  a synthetic oil with beneficial effects on sealing materials and excellent for use with vehicles whose mileages have exceeded 60,000-km; and Synthoil Race Tech GT1 SAE 10W-60 – a fully-synthetic high-performance motor oil designed for extreme engine requirements and racing.

Additives are vehicle vitamins and ensure cleaning and corrosion protection, stable lubrication and temperature resistance.   Liqui Moly additives are added separately to fuel or oil to address various vehicle requirements and driving conditions.

Liqui Moly additives available locally include: Octane Booster – an additive that increases the RON (Research Octane Number) of gasoline by 2-4 points; Speed Tec Benzine – a gasoline additive that improves vehicle acceleration; Speed Tec Diesel – a diesel fuel additive for combustion improvement and faster acceleration; Engine Flush Plus – a cleaning fluid that cleans and flushes out the oil circuits of gasoline and diesel engines, removing troublesome deposits and contaminants; Diesel Purge – used with diesel engines to prevent and eliminate problems with uneven idling and knocking by improving ignition performance; Injection Cleaner – a gasoline injection system cleaner that addresses problems such as hard-starting, irregular idling, poor throttle response and performance losses;  Cera Tec – a micro-ceramic solid lubricant suspension added to the lubricating oil of engines, compressors, pumps and transmissions to reduce friction and direct metal-to-metal contact.

Just as people apply cream to dry and cracked skin, the vehicle exterior also needs to be cared for.  This is not just cosmetic, but is an important part of vehicle maintenance to preserve the value of our vehicle.  Liqui Moly has a wide range of cleaning and care products including polishes, waxes and shampoos for the exterior, as well as leather care, cushion and plastic cleaners for the interior.

Liqui Moly started out as a small additive producer holding the patent for production of molybdenum disulphide (MoS2), a chemical additive that improves the lubricating ability of engine oil and lengthens the life of the engine.  This is the key ingredient in Liqui Moly MoS2 Leichtlauf (Low-Friction) SAE 10W-40, widely known as the Moly Oil.

Based in Ulm, Germany since 1957, Liqui Moly now has a range of over 4,000 products including engine and gear oils, additives and vehicle care products, workshop equipment and service parts.  It is the market leader for additives in Germany, and is sold in more than 90 countries worldwide.  All Liqui Moly products are manufactured in a single plant in Germany, for consistent quality control.

European Advanced Technik Corporation (EATC) is the exclusive Philippine distributor of Liqui Moly motor oils, additives and car care products.  It also distributes another German brand, Varta automotive batteries.