Get productive with Google Chrome


Google Insights for Search shows that the Philippines is the top country in terms of ‘gadgets’ searches from 2004 to present.

According to Google Insights for Search, many working professionals have more than one gadget aside from their desktop to manage their busy lifestyle. This unique interest in technology is likely what makes the country stand out from the world in terms of Web interest for the key word “gadgets.” These gadgets allow people to become productive in all aspects of their lives, from work to home, hence the importance and emergence of cloud computing. This allows information to be accessible anywhere, anytime, and with whatever device. And the primary way to do that effectively is to have a web browser capable of handling rich media.

Google Chrome, Google’s web browser, was fundamentally designed for the cloud computing experience. No matter what and how many gadgets you’re using, Google Chrome can ensure that you always have access to your content. Here are some ways in which you can boost your productivity, even while on the go, on Google Chrome:

Sync bookmarks across computers.

Send links, phone numbers, maps to your phone.

Print easily using your phone or any computer.

Store your passwords safely with Chrome.

Take notes and access on the web and phone.

Store website references and read them later.

Make a website feel like part of your computer with application shortcuts.

Compose and receive messages on your computer.

View recipes and shopping lists on your phone.

Call through your browser.