Google expands support for paid Android apps in the Phil


More Google news today. A press release sent to us by Google’s local PR counsel has announced that the search giant is now expanding support for paid Android apps in a number of countries, the Philippines among them. With the addition of our country the number of countries that can now purchase Android apps is now up to 131. Apps will still be priced at USD, and can be purchased through Google Checkout, which supports local Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

(Manila, Philippines, May 12, 2011) – Today Google announced that Android Market will increase consumer access and developer support for paid applications in several new countries, including the Philippines. Consumers from 99 new countries will be able to purchase apps from Android Market. This latest expansion of Android Market means more applications — including games, social, and productivity apps — for consumers.

The number of countries where Android users can purchase priced apps will increase to 131 including the addition of the Philippines. Consumers from these newly supported countries will now have access to over 200,000 free and paid apps in Android Market, which they can access directly from their Android-powered device. Apps will be priced in US Dollars, and can be bought through Google Checkout, which supports local Mastercard and Visa credit cards.

Android Market was launched to help developers distribute mobile applications on a level playing field, while enabling users to find and download apps that leverage the unique capabilities of the Android platform. Google is pleased to announce the expansion of Android Market’s offerings in these additional countries to deliver more apps for more people.