Google+Facebook might be malware, uninstall instructions inside


Last night we pimped a cool browser add-on called Google+Facebook that promised that you’ll be able to see your Facebook stream inside your Google+ account. Well, we’ve gotten word that it might be malware, according to reddit user RogueDarkJedi who mucked around in the code. He notes that “This addon acts like malware and the service is a security vulnerability waiting to happen.” Specifically, the code itself breaks a couple of established coding norms, including several privacy no-nos. “Your FB data does go through their service. They don’t have a privacy policy or a terms of service (which is surprising considering they’ve been around for a couple of months). This should be a red flag.”

For their part, Crossrider CEO Koby Menachemi jumped in and addressed the situation, and basically says that the app is safe. RougeDarkJedi still disagrees, so we guess it’s up to the user to make the choice of using the add-on. For users who did install but want to take it out here are the instructions:


Uninstall the add-on via the Firefox add-ons manager.

Go to about:config.

Reset all the values in about: config for the following:

  • keyword.URL


Go to tools.

Select extensions.

Select Google+Facebook and hit uninstall.


Press alt, select tools.

Click on manage extensions.

Find Google+Facebook and press disable.

Via: Technograph

Source: Reddit