Hackers can start your car, and overdose you with insulin without you knowing


If you’re a paranoid android, you might not want to read the following stories. With that little warning out of the way, researchers attending the Black Hat Technical conference (basically hackers getting together, hacking…stuff) have demonstrated that they can hack a car (a Subaru Outback to be specific) using an Android phone and a process they call war texting. The duo from the iSec Partners security firm set up their own GSM networked and snatched password authentication messages over the air.

A more nefarious hack demonstrated by ironically, diabetic, researcher Jay Radcliff figured out how to hack an insulin pump hooked up to a wireless glucose monitor and potentially deliver a lethal dose of insulin. The most troubling part? If the attacker has a powerful enough antenna, they can do this while being half a mile away. Terrifying.

Source: Engadget, Computerworld