HP joins hands with BSP to stop counterfeits


Let’s not beat around the bush here – counterfeit products are bad. Counterfeiters take away money from people who poured time and effort into creating a product, effectively robbing the people behind great products. It’s a huge problem in our country, and because of it we’ve been placed in United States’ blacklist of countries tolerating intellectual piracy and counterfeits. That’s the reason why HP Philippines and Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), the nation’s monetary authority, join hands to launch a phenomenal advocacy against the production and proliferation of fakes and counterfeits. Dubbed as NO to Fakes, KNOW the Original!, the campaign seeks to raise public awareness and commitment to stop the proliferation of counterfeits, including frequently counterfeited items such as banknotes (Peso bills) and Original HP Ink cartridges and toners.

“Both HP and BSP are targets of counterfeiters. We are very happy to take this first step to make people aware and to educate them on what’s real and not. We look forward to more partners to join this advocacy campaign,” said Armando Pascual, Country General Manager, imaging and Printing Group, HP Philippines.

The campaign kicked off today at the Activity Center in Trinoma where HP and the BSP had setup to educate consumers of the dangers of counterfeit products and bank notes. Here, consumers can trade-in their old HP printers for discounts on new HP printers. Consumers who want to get their hands on the new, better and more colorful currency that’s set to roll out soon can get their old bills replaced with new ones. The exhibit will run until tomorrow, July 21.