Intel goes full speed ahead with Ultrabooks, wants to re-invent personal computing


With all the talk about entering the post-PC world, it’s not surprising that Intel, one of the biggest chip manufacturers in the world, disagrees with the whole concept. Speaking today at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF), Mooly Eden, vice president and general manager of the PC Client Group, said the personal computing experience is undergoing another fundamental transformation as the company leads the creation of Ultrabook, a new category of mobile devices.

“Not since the introduction of Intel Centrino technology more than 8 years ago have we witnessed such a fundamental transformation of personal computing,” said Eden. “Today’s devices powered by our 2nd generation Intel Core processors are giving people a personal computing experience that they’ve never had before and we won’t stop there. We know people desire and demand more from their computers — to create, consume and share — which is why we have challenged ourselves and the industry to make Ultrabook the most adaptable, complete and satisfying device.”

Intel has high hopes and big plans for the platform, as evidenced by the preview of their 3rd generation Intel Core processor (codenamed “Ivy Bridge”) during IDF. Expected to be available in systems in the first half of 2012, it will deliver greater performance and energy efficiency. Intel also redesigned the processor graphics to provide better video and gaming experiences.