Internet Explorer 9 is the best browser for blocking socially engineered malware


Well, seems like Microsoft should be pretty proud of itself – NSS Labs, a security research and testing firm has proclaimed Internet Explorer 9 as the best browser for blocking socially engineered malware. Traditionally, malware writers were able to rely on users’ lax browser security and exploits to execute drive-by attacks to infect computers. With browsers now actively pestering users into updating possible security holes in their browsers, ne’er-do-wells have resorted into crafting socially engineered malware which trick you into downloading them into your PC. Internet Explorer 9 blocks these kinds of attacks by utilizing URL Reputation feature and the App Rep service. The other browsers didn’t fare so well though, and looking at the scores in the image above paints a pretty clear picture that the other browsers have some catching up to do.

Via: Geek

Source: NSS Labs (PDF)