iOS users: downloading PDFs may lead to your devices being hacked


That’s basically what the German government said in a warning a few days ago. The vulnerability stems from an exploit and was discovered by a team of hackers at The exploit gives hackers administration access to your device, which basically gives them free reign to do whatever they want – including grab contact information and sensitive data without being detected by the user. “Had this exploit been released by a malicious party, it could have been used to hijack personal information on the device, install malware, surveil the user by tracking their GPS information, access the camera and/or microphone, or a perform a myriad of other nefarious tasks,” said iPhone hacker and data forensics analyst Jonathan Zdziarski.

For their part, Apple is working hard for a fix for the issue, although they have still not released a patch for the exploit. Jailbroken devices, ironically, can already download a patch that fixes the exploit.

Source: Tomsguide