iPhone 4 survives after being accidentally dropped from 13,500 feet


The iPhone 4 is a lot of things, but it’s not a ruggerized smartphone. Logic dictates that dropping this fragile, glass backed wonder of human engineering from a height of 13,500 feet would shatter it into a million, tiny, Apple branded pieces. Apparently, Jarrod McKinney’s iPhone 4 doesn’t subscribe to logic, and instead kicks it in its balls and laughs in its face. Jarrod’s a skydiver you see, and during one of his jumps he forgot to zip the pocket of his pants which was precisely the moment when his iPhone 4 decided to try the sport sans the parachute. Jarrod found his iPhone 4 on a top of a building about 1.5 miles away from where he landed via GPS tracking. His skydiving instructor then tried calling the phone as a joke, but the joke was on him – the phone started vibrating, much to Jarrod’s disbelief. We’re not saying this particular iPhone has zombie blood in it, but if Jarrod turns out to be patient zero, you all know who called it first.

Source: CNN