LG announces larger screen sizes for TVs, voice recognition remote control and gesture control


We’re currently in the middle of LG’s CES press conference, and as it turns out, there are a lot of things going on with LG. For one, the Korean company is going all out with larger screen sizes for its TV – from 55-inches all the way to 84 inches.

LG’s also looking to improving their Smart Remote – aside from being able to detect motion, the new and improved LG smart remote will also now be able to do voice recognition. LG will also be outing a 3D gesture interface solution that’ll allow users to control their TVs via gestures – think Kinect.

Sharing  content to other devices will also be simpler thanks to their own Smart Share Plus sharing solution. LG has also said that it’ll have the first TV with Intel’s WiDi solution built-in – so far the solution has only been available as a separate module that you’d have to buy for your TV.

Possibly the most interesting announcement during the press conference was LG’s announcement of their own chipset – the L9. Details are scarce so far, but as far as we know LG has said that the L9 will be based on a Dual-core ARM architecture and a quad-core GPU.

Stick with us for more LG CES coverage in a bit.

Source: LG CES Livestream