LG’s Next Generation Cinema TV is finally here


No matter how busy we get or how mobile or how “on-the-go”, there’s nothing like being able to find the time to just sit down on your favorite sofa or simply veg on your bed and catch all of the TV episodes you missed or the movies you failed to watch on the big screen. Of course, there is always your laptop. But for those who know the value of true home entertainment, you know that nothing beats a cinema-like experience.


LG Electronics, the company that has dominated the LED and LCD TV market, introduces the next generation TVs that are set to redefine the viewing experience. Conventional battery operated 3D glasses, flickery 3D images, and complicated internet TVs are going to take a back seat as LG introduces its Cinema 3D TV and the Smart TV that’s simple, smarter, and comfortable to use.


Unlike conventional 3D TVs, the Cinema 3D TV is the 3D TV with flicker free technology that virtually eliminates feelings of dizziness. The Cinema 3D TV also makes use of FPR glasses that are light, weighing only 16 grams, and do not require batteries or charging. LG 3D glasses free of electro magnetic waves ensuring that they are more convenient and safe then the conventional 3D glasses.

Absolute comfort while viewing 3D is not the only feature offered by the Cinema 3D TV, brighter, clearer 3D pictures are to be expected as the Cinema 3D TV is coated with 3D Light Boost, a thin film covering that counteracts any dimness that usually occur with traditional 3D TVs.

Large groups will also have no problems viewing 3D movies together, as the Cinema 3D TV offers flexible viewing positions, allowing customers to enjoy clear and bright 3D pictures whether lying down or leaning back in any spot in front of the TV.

The result of all these features is the promise of longer and more enjoyable viewing of 3D films. You can definitely bring home that 3D Cinema experience with the new LG Cinema 3D TV.


The LG Smart TV is not just about brilliant and innovative technology.  It encapsulates simple and effective control over your home entertainment experience. The LG Smart TV features a home dashboard that allows you full entertainment access from a single screen. With its “Point, Click, Control, Simply Smarter” capabilities, LG’s Smart TV lets users access the best of the internet directly on the big screen in a way that is easier and quicker.

The smart share feature allows immediate wireless access to content on your PC or Smart phone so that connecting to your digital devices will never be a problem.

Equipped with The Magic Motion Remote Control, customers will experience intuitive control linked to a UI that offers single click access, by letting viewers drag and drop, just like a PC.  By allowing users to navigate through an onscreen cursor instead of pushing buttons, LG Smart TV makes controlling the TV easy and direct, with no need to take your eyes off the screen.

The Smart TV also features long tail LG apps that give customers a more enjoyable TV experience. LG Smart TV enriches peoples’ lives by offering the most practical and lifestyle-focused premium content with a better user experience. The Smart TV offers the optimum line-up of global and local premium content providers. With these features the Smart TV offers simple control for all its users.