Line 6 StageScape rethinks live mixing with a touchscreen and graphical interface



Line 6 dives into the heart of live sound with the StageScape M30d, a touchscreen digital “smart” mixer that provides a unique (and daring) DSP-based mixing environment.

Unveiled at NAMM 2012, the StageScape features a resistive touchscreen along with some physical rotary knobs to provide some hands-on control. But what makes the M30D awesome is that it can also be controlled remotely with more than one iPad. This means you can literally walk around the venue and check your levels from both the stage or the audience area. In fact, the StageScape can also record twenty seconds of multitrack audio so that you can have a reference point as you tweak your mix.

This  new “smart” mixer from Line 6 is even able to auto-sense the type of cables you’re plugging in or out (i.e. line level, XLR, etc.), and will automatically route the channel strip with the corresponding parameters. Plugging in an XLR? The StageScape will assume that it’s a microphone and will bring up the effects (i.e. compressor) and EQ settings you may need.


The mixing environment can be done with a “Performance” mode – a graphical interface that shows a virtual stage with icons that represents each instrument/performer. No longer will you have to memorize or put masking tape labels on each channel, and you can even place a picture of the singer. Touching one of the icons instantly brings up the tweakable parameters at your fingertips, and the StageScape can save custom presets of different setups, which is perfect if you’re mixing several bands.

There are multiple effects available, such as Parametric EQ and Vocal Doubling, which can be adjusted by a unique X/Y pad for simplified workflow. The SoundStage is equipped with 12 mic/line combo inputs, 2 digital inputs, stereo line ins and 4 monitor outs.

Rumored to have an SRP of $2500 (Php 107,945,) it will be interesting to see how this radical and innovative concept will be accepted by pro sound engineers, amateur “garage band” musicians, and resto/bar owners who want live performers at their establishment but don’t want to hire a sound tech. Nevertheless, kudos to Line 6 for trying to change the game.

Interested?  More info here