Meet the Alesis AcousticLink: a guitarist’s next best friend


If you’ve ever tried miking your acoustic guitar, then you’ll probably understand that that it is one of the more complex instruments to record. However, with the Alesis AcousticLink, all your frustrations might just come to an end.

Meet the Alesis AcousticLink, an interface that provides acoustic guitar/bass players a no-drill and no-frills way to record their songs directly onto the computer.

This interesting device requires no modifications on your beloved instrument, since the Alesis single-coil pickup fastens onto the guitar’s sound hole via cushioned clamps. Sound then travels from your guitar via a 1/4″-to-USB cable that connects directly into your PC or Mac. Furthermore,  the AcousticLink is also compatible with the iPad (when used with Apple’s iPad connector).

Since this product has just been announced, there are no retail prices available just yet, so stay tuned for updates.


Fore more info: Alesis AcousticLink