Meet the world’s first AirPiano


While most of us are familiar with the entertaining past time of playing air guitar, you rarely see anybody doing it with a piano.  Perhaps this is because imagination has crossed over into reality, as the world’s first AirPiano has been officially released.

Conceptualized and invented by Omer Yosha of Berlin, the AirPiano is essentially a slim walnut wood panel adorned with infrared sensors and LED lights encased in acrylic glass.   It is a musical controller/interface which can host up to 24 invisible keys and 8 discrete faders communicating via MIDI and OSC.  Connecting to a computer via USB, the AirPiano is programmed through its own specialized software wherein users can create and save their own presets.  A jack is also provided on the hardware unit for connecting an expression pedal/foot switch.

For more information on the AirPiano, visit their official website.


Source: MusicRadar