NVIDIA pledges support for Windows 8, hints at Kal-El powered Windows 8 tablets


After its unveiling at the developer BUILD conference in LA, different chip makers are now pledging to support Microsoft’s upcoming OS, especially since this is the first time that Microsoft’s flagship OS is able to run on ARM based devices. NVIDIA has pledged their support, and promises that “all four NVIDIA processor brands will support Windows 8. NVIDIA’s next-generation, quad-core Tegra processor, code-named Project Kal-El, is an ARM-based system on a chip that will power lightweight,energy-efficient tablets and notebooks.”

“With its elegant user interface and support for tablets and notebooks using ARM-based processors,Windows 8 will bring a seismic shift to the industry,” said Jeff Fisher, senior vice president of the PCBusiness Unit at NVIDIA. “Our expertise in both ARM and x86 environments, and our intimate familiaritywith the Windows code base, makes us uniquely qualified to support Windows 8 developers.”

If you remember, we saw NVIDIA’s Kal-El powered device back in COMPUTEX, and we were impressed by what we saw. If NVIDIA successfully integrates that kind of performance with Microsoft’s latest offering, it’s probably safe to say that they’d have a potential hit on their hands.