NVIDIA’s Tesla GPUs power J.P. Morgan’s risk calculations, unclear on Battlefield 3 use


While NVIDIA is known the world because of their graphic cards and tablet processors, few know that the graphics company also provides GPUs for businesses and supercomputer use. Research and financial firms alike use their GPUs to do a lot of number crunching, and J.P. Morgan, the largest investment bank entity is one of them. As part of a three-year plan to reduce the computational costs of risk calculation by 75 percent, J.P. Morgan’s Equity Derivatives Group added NVIDIA Tesla M2070 GPUs to its data centres. More than half the equity derivative-focused risk computations run by the bank have been moved from running on just CPU-based systems, to running on hybrid GPU/CPU-based systems. Utilising GPUs as companion processors has accelerated application performance by 40X compared to running them on CPUs aloneand delivered over 80 percent savings, enabling greener data centres that deliver higher performance for the same power.