Olive’s Php 4,190 WiFi phone hits the right spot


Crazy, hi-tech phones are usually the norm in this technology page, but though we wish we had all the new, shiny smartphones that come out every other week, real world constraints always conspire against us. Some people just need a phone to call or text and probably listen to a track or two. That’s exactly what Olive Mobile promises to deliver, bringing phones that just have the basic features without raping your wallet. The Atom V-G70 is probably one of the cheapest WiFi phones you can buy today, retailing at around 4,190. For that price, you get a touchscreen display, a 3MP camera, WiFi connectivity and dual-sim capability.

Another device that was on display was the V-W1, Olive’s Android powered offering. While we couldn’t get a solid SRP yet, an Olive rep estimated that the price of the unit would probably be around 8-9k once it gets released here. All the standard Android features are there, and the device is powered by Android 2.1 – ancient by the standards of today’s feature phones, but it’ll do for basic use.