Petron Lakbay Alalay strengthens motorist safety advocacy


Petron Lakbay Alalay, the country’s longest running motorist assistance program, marks its silver anniversary by strenghtening its motorist safety advocacy. With its expanded coverage for the entire summer holiday season from mid-March until the end of May, Petron Lakbay Alalay is also reaching out to provide safety check as well as safety tips to motorists nationwide.

Free Service Checks. To help motorists prepare for safe, worry-free travel, participating Petron service stations and car care centers will provide a free 15-point service check-up.   This includes free checks on tire pressure, oil and radiator water level, and brakes inspection.  In this way, Petron helps you ensure that your vehicle is roadworthy and will take you safely to your destination.

Emergency Roadside Assistance. As in the past, Petron volunteers will spend weekends providing emergency roadside assistance at designated Petron stations along the major toll roads and highways.  For their safety and convenience, motorists who need assistance can avail of free minor car repairs, first aid, and emergency phone calls.

Mobile Lakbay Alalay. Travelers can also sign up to receive road safety tips as well as car care and service reminders on their mobile phone.

GPS Maps. Motorists who need travel directions can get route maps to safely reach their destinations at select Petron stations.  Using maps provided by GPS, travelers can ask for a route printout from the Petron-GPS kiosks.

Lakbay Alalay Tour Guide. Petron is also developing a web-based program featuring popular domestic destinations to support the Department of Tourism’s local tourism promotions initiative.

Petron eFuel Card. Previously offered only for corporate clients and VIP individuals, ordinary motorists can now avail of the Petron eFuel Card.  Serving as a reloadable debit card, road-trippers don’t need to bring a lot of cash to pay for their fuel.  The Petron eFuel Card is widely accepted at Petron service stations nationwide.

Now on its 25th year, Petron Lakbay Alalay is the longest-running motorist assistance program in the country.  Run by Petron employee-volunteers as part of the company’s “volunteerism in action” philosophy, the pioneering public service activity has been replicated by other automotive and oil companies.  The term Lakbay Alalay has, in fact, entered daily terminology as a generic term for various motorist assistance activities offering free mechanical help, communications support, medical services, clean restrooms and other services.  Lakbay Alalay is a registered trademark of Petron Corporation.