PSN Network down, Anonymous takes responsibility, Sony says it’s sporadic maintenance


Seems there’s trouble afoot in Sonyland. Several people have reported having trouble connecting to the PSN (Playstation Network), and it seems that they’ve been hit by DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks as well. Notorious online hacktivist group Anonymous are claiming responsibility for the attack possibly because of the pending suites against two other modders/white hat hackers Geohot and Graf_Chokolo, who are charged with violating the DMCA over their PS3 hacks which allows users to run user created apps.

For it’s part, Sony has said that PSN is going through sporadic maintenance via the Twitter account @AskPlaystation, that access to PSN would be interrupted throughout the day. Anonymous’ has stated in a press release and through a YouTube video their disdain for Sony’s alleged abuse of the judicial system, and their suppression of information. We’ve attached a copy of the press release below, and slightly modified it because of light profanity.

“Congratulations, Sony. You now have now received the undivided attention of Anonymous. Your recent legal action against our follow hackers, Geohot and Graf_Chokolo, has not only alarmed us, it has been deemed wholly unforgivable.”

You have now abused the judicial system in an attempt to censor information on how your products work. You have victimized your own customers merely for possessing and sharing information, and continue to target every person who seeks this information. In doing so you have violated the privacy of thousands. This is the information they were willing to teach the world for free. The very same information you wish to suppress for sake of corporate greed and complete control of the users.

Now you will experience the wrath of Anonymous. You saw a hornets nest, and stuck your p*nises in it. You must face the consequences of your actions, Anonymous style.

Knowledge is Free. We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not Forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.”


Source: Washington Post