Qualcomm doesn’t think dual-core processors are being used properly


With all the dual-core powered processors floating around in smartphones and tablets, you’d think that apps would be lighting fast by now.  But Liat Ben-Zur, Senior Director, Software Strategy and Business Development, Qualcomm CDMA Technologies doesn’t think that’s true and recently published a blog post asking if anyone is actually using dual-core processors’ full potential. “The reality is that this technology trend of multi-cores can be somewhat confusing for most developers. Most are writing downloadable applications, which are only able to take advantage of the HLOS APIs exposed by the platform provider. Most developers are just not exposed to multiple core technology via the standard HLOS API sets that they use every day to build their applications.” What that basically boils down to is that if the developer doesn’t specifically code their application for dual-core processors, then you’re not getting dual core performance. While this may or may not be a jab at current dual-core superstar NVIDIA and their dual-core Tegra chip that’s currently in most dual-core devices, she does make a good point. The challenge now for developers is to code their apps in such a way that it’ll be able to take advantage of the performance gained from dual core processors.

Source: Qualcomm