Revenge of the Sammy – Samsung files suit against Apple in Europe and Asia


Oh, it’s on now. After being sued by Apple on grounds of copyright infringement, Korean tech giant Samsung has retaliated with a suit of its own, citing that Apple has infringed on patents on how to reduce transmission errors, reduce power during data transmission, and tether a device to a PC to share its data connection. According to a company rep, “Samsung is responding actively to the legal action taken against us in order to protect our intellectual property and to ensure our continued innovation and growth in the mobile communications business.”

The suits are puzzling to some, because aside from being rivals in tech sphere, they’re also business partners. It’s no secret that Apple uses Samsung chips to power their products. Apple on their part, recognizes this peculiar situation, with Tim Cook, Apple’s chief operating officer saying that “We are Samsung’s largest customer, and Samsung is a very valued component supplier to us, and I expect the strong relationship will continue. Separately from this, we felt the mobile communication division of Samsung had crossed the line, and after trying for some time to work the issue, we decided we needed to rely on the courts.”

Source: WSJ