Rockmelt updated to Chromium 8.


Users of the social-networking centered browser, Rockmelt just got a great 2011 kickoff gift – a massive update. The most note-worthy among all is the upgrade to Chromium 8. Why? Because it now supports the latest Google Chrome Web Store Apps. There are also other great improvements such as faster, more reliable feeds, new keyboard shortcuts, spell checking and tons of bug fixes.

But seriously, if you haven’t tried the Chrome Web Apps yet, you definitely should. This may actually be a preview of the much anticipated Chrome OS. My personal favorite is Tweetdeck for Chrome. I mean, sure there’s a built-in Twitter app in Rockmelt but I guess it’s just not as robust as the tweetdeck version. I still use the app edge for RSS to Seth Godin’s blog, Gmail, Calendar and Facebook updates and notifications and they all work wonderfully. No more clutter of running apps on my desktop now that everything I need for the web is in Rockmelt.