Sam Milby signs with Samsung once again


Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO) and local celebrity Sam Milby have renewed their partnership once again, hoping for even more success in their future ventures together.

Sammy and Sam have a longstanding relationship, which include endorsements for the Genoa, Champ and Corby. He was also Samsung Hope’s brand ambassador and has raised donations for his charity of choice, World Vision.

Sam Milby also represented both SEPCO and the Philippines as the official torch bearer in the the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore, which was held in August of 2010.

So, why does Sammy love Sam?

“Sam is a very relatable personality…he is also tech-savvy and knowledgeable about mobile phone technology…We want Sam to help SEPCO further grow its No. 1 position in the touch phone category. And we are sure that it is very possible because his appeal transcends all ages, gender, and social status.”

– Glenn Martin Glinoga, Business Unit Director of Hand Held Phones for SEPCO


So, watch out as Sam Milby, along with the Samsung Mobile Team, tours the Philippines as a Samsung Hope Icon.