Samsung unleashes Mirror Pop MV800, makes self-portrait shots a no brainer


We’re not a big fan of self shot, duckface shots, but we know some of you are. That’s the main point behind Samsung’s 2View series of cameras which featured a small, secondary LCD screen in the front of the device. Now the Korean manufacturer has taken the idea to the next logical step and just made the primary LCD swivel 180 degrees in the newly announced Mirror Pop MV800.  Self-shooting connoisseurs will also appreciate the myriad of enhancement modes built into the camera, which includes their Smart Filter 3.0 software suite. Spec-wise, the Mirror Pop MV800 hits the sweet spot: it  features a 16.2-megapixel CCD, a 26mm Schneider 5x optical zoom lens, and an ISO 3200 light sensitivity range.
The Mirror Pop MV800 will hit our shores this October and will retail for Php 14,990 this October.