Samsung’s Microwave Oven Is World’s First To Win Anti-bacterial Certification


Indeed Samsung has made amazing innovations in the industry. Over the years, many have recognized the originality and advancement of Samsung, and now even Hohenstein Institute Germany has recognized the performance of its home appliances.

Hohenstein Institute is an internationally recognized research and service center for hygiene and biotechnology. They tested Samsung microwaves and validated its anti-bacterial performance. This makes Samsung Microwaves the very first to get a certification mark for anti-bacterial technology, recognizing its ceramic enamel cavity inside.

The ceramic enamel cavity in Samsung microwaves do not turn rusty or crack as they age and prevents it from being dirty and collecting bacteria. It does not discolor in high temperatures and prevents bacteria from proliferation. The institute also accredited Samsung’s anti-bacterial agents which have high durability against corrosion.

Korean Research Institute of Standards and Science (KRISS) acknowledged that Samsung Electronics’ anti-bacterial ceramic enamel cavity ensures a level of durability that is at least 7.5 times higher than iron plate to which epoxy coating is applied.

“Our antibacterial ceramic enamel cavity is created the way pottery is produced,” said Mr. Chang Wan Hong, executive vice president of the Samsung Digital Appliances business. “We apply antibacterial porcelain enamel that is produced in high temperatures – up to 830 degrees Celsius – to the inside of a microwave. The result is a high-class material that has a smooth, shiny surface like that of a piece of pottery. We’re the only company in the world to have such a feature in microwave ovens,” he added.

Samsung plans to apply its antibacterial technology to all their microwave products to provide consumers healthier tools for cooking.


source: samsunghub