Skullcandy showcases the “sickest” headphones this 2012


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Famed for its colorful and unique headphones selection, Skullcandy, one of the world’s leading audio brands is keen on its expansion plans in the local scenes.

Filipinos’ inherent love for music is a key factor on why Skullcandy sees the Philippines as a huge growing market. The headphones brand has been around locally for 5 years. It has gained a massive fan base from the action sports market, down to the broad music crowd.

“Filipinos have extensively patronized our products. The love for music and style is so intertwined, it’s fascinating,” says Skullcandy’s Business Development Manager, Kris Altenburger. He adds, “Even Ellen Degeneres confirms (on Twitter) that some of the best singers are actually from this part of the globe. In addition, Filipinos are renowned creators and consumers of music, and there is definitely a natural affinity between the Philippines and Skullcandy.”

Skullcandy’s line of products involves earphones and earbuds, on-ear headphones, and over-ear headphones. Bursting with life and color, these products are not here to just influence style, as their functions are pretty serious too.

Some headphones come with built-in microphones that can be used with multimedia phones, or MP3 players. Similar to the headphones, earphones can be customized for that perfect fit, as some have interchangeable buds. They also offer optimum sound, from controllable subwoofers, to noise-reduction headphones, to iPod controls.

Ron Basilio, Marketing Manager of Rains International Corporation, Skullcandy’s local distributor, shares his thrill for the expansion plans. “We are in touch with many retail outlets, malls, and specialty shops to make Skullcandy accessible for more Filipinos to enjoy. We live and breathe music, so there’s always a need for quality audio products, and that’s what we have for them.”

Skullcandy is now widely available in 59 stores nationwide. This 2012, Rains International projects that it will be located in at least 300 stores within Metro Manila, and 50 stores in the provinces.



“Skullcandy’s partnership with Rains International reinforces our commitment to further expand the brand and align ourselves in markets that reflect our passion for sound, sport, and fashion. We believe Rains has the market experience, knowledge, and reach that will enable our goal of becoming a music and fashion staple among Filipinos,” Altenburger says.

Living up to its mantra, “every revolution needs a soundtrack,” Skullcandy comes fit for everyone with different lifestyles. The skull logo has become an icon, a rebellion that demands a control for a personal music experience.