SKYBROADBAND unleashes a speed master at 999


SKYBROADBAND, the internet service unit of Lopez-owned Skycable is now offering the best internet package in the land – speedy 5 Mbps for only 999 with a 15GB cap.

1 Mbps is the minimum accepted speed for internet, and usually any number lower that is considered a dial-up connection. The typical internet package here is Php 999 for about 1 Mbps. Skybroadband now offers consumers the same price for a speedier 5 Mbps connection with a few caveats.

Rodrigo P. Montinola, head of marketing of SkyCable, said in a press launch last March 28 held at the at 9501 restaurant at the 14th Floor of the ELJ Communications Center in Quezon City, that the company had to balance the fast speed requirement of consumers with the limits of technology through through data allocation. The plan offers users 15GB of data (roughly 3,750 songs, 25 movies or 125 hours of YouTube clips) for 1 month, and includes a free subscription of iWantTV!

Users will be alerted through email and SMS when they hit 50% of their allocated data plan, with subsequent alerts being sent when they start to consume 75%, 90% and 100% of the allocated plan. They’ll also be able to check their current consumption by logging on to their account online. There’s also a nifty little usage calculator that you can use to help you compute your monthly use. According to Joy Lantin, head for broadband marketing of SkyCable said that the usage calculator was developed for consumers to be able to identify which plan suits them best, whether 15GB or 35GB.

If you do use up all of your allotted data, you can opt to top-up your account via 1GB increments that cost Php 100. There’s also another plan available for users if they deem 15GB isn’t enough for them, with 35GB for Php 1999.