SMART: Life Made Extraordinary Contest


Remember the days when “mobile” phones were as big as those satellite phones in the 90s, with calling plans that cost an arm and a leg, letters were mailed at a post office, and friends could only meet up at a certain spot during a certain day and time, otherwise, there would be no other way to know for sure when you would see them again? Communication and staying connected has come a long way since then and one service that has made it easier for people to keep in touch is Smart.


Everybody has his own unique story, which tells something about person’s character, personal views of life, the way they were shaped in the context of their extraordinary lives toward inspiring change and innovation.

Do you have such story? Do you have something important to share with others? Do you believe your story can help somebody? Then, do not hesitate to participate in SMART Extraordinary Lives “How has any SMART service or innovation changed your life?”

This contest is open to all SMART subscribers from May 8 to June 30, 2011. Stories may be submitted in any format, through the following channels: in either video or text format; participating radio stations; drop boxes in any Smart Store near you; and watch out for the SMART Extraordinary Lives booth in upcoming SMART events.

Users may submit many stories as they wish, provided they are all different. All submissions will be reviewed before posting on the website. Any story that contains lewd, obscene, pornographic or offensive material will be disqualified. Likewise, anything that is derogatory to the brand SMART, its image, logo and reputation, will also be disqualified.

Qualified entries will be posted on the microsite beginning May 8, 2011. One story will be featured in leading broadsheets and tabloids nationwide. Stories will be judged based on the following criteria: Relevance to the theme (It should be a SMART service or innovation) – 40%; Creativity (How the story is told) – 30%; and Originality (How unique is the experience) – 30%.

At the end of the contest, the judges will score each entry based on the above criteria. The three highest scorer based on weighted average wins P100,000 (1st place), P30,000 (2nd place) and P20,000 (3rd place).

Starting July 1, the microsite is open for visitors to vote for their favorite story. Registered users simply login to vote. The highest vote-getter by the end of the voting period will be declared the People’s Choice winner and will be awarded P10,000 cash.

Winning stories may be featured, in part or in full, in SMART’s new TV commercial.

SMART My Life Made Extraordinary story contest is per DTI NCR Permit Number 3870 Series of 2011.