Smart partners with Opera Software to deliver Smart-Opera Mini browser for Smart subscribers


Smart has announced it’s renewed its partnership with Opera Software (the creators of the Opera web browser) to bring a customized version of the company’s Opera Mini browser to Smart subscribers. The new version of the software is compatible with more than 3,000 mobile device models currently in the local market. The new version of the browser has a number of improvements, including improved page scrolling, a new, intuitive user interface, pinch-to-zoom (on supported devices), a button to share content to social networks and other new features.

“While our network and system are ready to provide data services, the challenge lies in the devices through which our subscribers may access the Internet,” said Orlando Vea, co-founder and Chief Wireless Advisor of Smart. “Opera Mini on a Smart cellphone can help introduce the mobile Internet experience to our subscribers, as it allows the Web to ‘fit’ perfectly and comfortably into any cellphone.”

The new Smart-Opera Mini 4.3 and Smart-Opera Mini 6.1 browser are now available for free to Smart subscribers through For more details on Smart’s ALWAYS ON plans, go to