Smart unveils Always On internet packages


Let’s face it – today’s hottest and best gadgets and smartphones need to be connected to the internet for most features to work. But only a few of us do so, with most opting to just jump online via WiFi lest they incur angina inducing data charges. Now Smart’s letting you surf the web your way, and has unveiled Always On, a volume-based package which allows casual mobile Internet surfers to pay only for the data they wish to consume. For example, if you just check your email from time to time and don’t do a lot of surfing, you’d be best served with the 25MB Always On plan for only P20 a day. Here’s the pricing tier:

Volume Price Validity Keyword Access Code
25MB P20 1 day ON<space>20 Send to 2200
50MB P30 1 day ON<space>30
250MB P300 30 days ON<space>300
500MB P500 30 days ON<space>500
1GB P750 30 days ON<space>750
2GB P995 30 days ON<space>995







Always On is available to Smart Buddy, Smart Gold, Talk N’ Text, and Smart Bro subscribers. To activate a package, simply send the keyword to 2200 via mobile phone or via the Smart Bro user menu on the computer. Users may purchase any number of packages simultaneously as they see fit. Validity of subscription starts upon availing of a plan. A P1 maintaining balance is required. Additionally, users will get an SMS notification once they have consumed 80% of their package. Upon expiration, charging will revert to the regular bucket pricing of P10 for every 30 minutes of use.

Registered Smart Bro users can also avail of the packages from Smart Web Connect at