Spotted: Honeycomb running on HTC Flyer


We loved almost everything about HTC’s entry into the tablet race except for one thing: it didn’t use Honeycomb. Well, if you own a flyer and want to have a taste of sweet Honeycomb on your device, then MoDaCo has got your back. Paul O’Brien over at MoDaCo has managed to grab himself a leaked ROM of the Honeycomb update for HTC’s tablet, and has successfully wrangled it into his own Flyer. As predicted, HTC has injected their own overlay into the Honeycomb experience which gives users added functionality over the stock version of Honeycomb. Unfortunately, the instructions to get it running on your own unit are fairly complex, but if you think you’re ready for it, you can head on to their website and try it for yourself.

Source: MoDaCo