Street Fighter X Tekken dropping on March 6th, multiple bundles in tow


Sony’s just announced that the highly anticipated cross over fighting game, Street Fighter X Tekken is dropping on March 6th. In celebration of the release, Sony’s offering three Street Fighter X Tekken game bundles that shouldn’t be missed.

Three bundles will be hitting Sony’s stores soon – Special Edition, Joypad Bundle and Joystick bundle. The Special Edition comes with the game, a character command card, Ono and Harada Bubble Budds, special complete pack voucher card, and the game’s original soundtrack, and will retail for Php 3,499. The Joypad bundle of the game meanwhile, comes with the game, Asia Original Pack voucher card, a character command card and  a MADCATZ Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightPad SD, and will retail for Php 4,799.

Finally, the Joystick bundle comes with the game, a character command card,  Launch Attack Pack voucher card and a MADCATZ Street Fighter X Tekken Arcade FightStick PRO, and will retail for Php 11,490. PS3 owners also get the benefit of playing with PS3 exclusive characters TORO, KURO, Cole (of inFAMOUS, uh, fame), Pac-Man and Mega Man.