Toshiba’s officially in the local tablet market, outs 10.1-inch Regza AT100 and 7-inch Regza ATS10


Along with a bevy of TVs, notebooks and other appliances at their event earlier today, the company also unveiled their official entry to the local tablet market by way of the Regza branded, 10.1-inch AT100 and 7-inch AT1S0. Aside from the size of the screen, both devices are eerily similar: both are powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor, has Android Honeycomb on board (3.1 for the AT100 and 3.2 for the AT1S0) and comes pre-installed with a variety of software from Toshiba. There will be a variety of colors available for the tablets, so you’ll probably find a color you want once the devices launch. Sadly, like the Portégé Z830, there’s still no solid word on price and date of availability for both devices, though you can expect these devices to land before the year is out.

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