Windows 8: A Preview of the Reimagined OS


Windows 8 has been unveiled in a developer’s conference called BUILD held in L.A. and we must say that it’s looking pretty good. It now features a “touch-first” “Metro style” interface, and the revamped OS can be installed on tablets, laptops and computers alike.

The first photo is a screencap of the “lock” screen, which appears when your computer is idle, and it intuitively displays relevant information such as unread email count, battery life etc. Once you wake up Windows, it will come to life and display the completely reimagined Start Screen, shown above.

The new layout is noticeably optimized for touch interfaces, and you’ll notice how the apps dominate the desktop (can we still call it that?). In building Windows 8, there has been considerable focus on apps, namely their cooperation and integration with one another. SkyDrive is also offered, in order to sync content across all Windows 8 devices you might own.

For more info and screenshots, go HERE