YouTube adds 3,000 titles to their rental library, still no love for Philippine users


Seems like YouTube has added 3,000 new titles to their movie rental library, and it seems that NBC Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner Brothers have jumped into the YouTube wagon. Blockbuster hits like Inception, The Kings Speech and The Green Hornet will be on tap, along with other cult hits like Caddyshack and Taxi Driver. The rental rates are pretty attractive too, with  $2.99/$3.99 per movie. The movies are watchable on any PC, although there hasn’t been any word on additional device support. If you’re not in the good ol’ USA, you can still view free movies (the legal kind) on YouTube, and hopefully YouTube (and by extension, Google) will spread some of that rental loving this side of the world.

Via: Engadget

Source: YouTube Blog