All-New Ford Focus. Start it. Share it. Win it.


Ford Philippines launched an exciting, interactive and unprecedented campaign, called “All-New Ford Focus…Start it. Share it. Win it.” This was designed to engage Filipino consumers with real-life smart demos of the all-new Ford Focus’ first-in-segment, smart technologies. This smart demo road show will start on August 3 at SM Marikina.

The campaign will give more than 1,000 consumers in the Philippines the opportunity to personally experience the smart features of the all-new Focus through weekend events spanning August 3 to September 16. To join, consumers must register on Facebook for the events. Walk-in registrations will also be accepted at the event. Consumers will test two new features of the Ford Focus, the Active Park Assist and the Active City Stop.

The Active Park Assist, with the touch of a button, the driver of the all-new Focus can parallel park easily – totally hands-free. This nifty system uses sensors around the Focus to help identify a feasible spot then steer the car into the space. The driver controls the accelerator, brake and gears.

The Active City Stop is a collision-mitigation system helps to avoid low-speed front-end collisions by monitoring the road ahead and braking automatically if the sensors detect for stationary traffic or a stopped vehicle in front of the all-new Focus.

Each participant will then be filmed, and they can share the videos with their friends on Facebook. The videos will compete against each other in terms of most unique views, most entertainment value, and the participants’ creative response to their favorite smart feature over ten days, where the top ten will be named the finalists and each finalist will receive an Apple iPad.

From October 8-18, the finalists will compete to win the all-new Ford Focus. People can log on to Facebook and vote for their favorite video. The most popular video at the end of the period will win the all-new Ford Focus.