Get Your Hyundai in Shape for Summer


Summer is here! It’s time for long trips, beach vacations and out-of-town fun! But before heading out, make sure that you have a healthy car for your safe and worry-free travels! Schedule an appointment for Hyundai’s CAMP—Check-up And Maintenance Promo, and choose from our Preventive Maintenance Service (PMS) packages:

  • PMS Package 1: HGMO Mineral Oil with 25% discount on labor
  • PMS Package 2: HGMO Semi-synthetic Oil with 25% discount on labor
  • PMS Package 3: HGMO Fully Synthetic Oil with 25% discount on labor, 10% discount on parts and engine oil and FREE Hyundai backpack or foldable fan

Plus, for every PMS package, you also get a FREE 23-PT check-up for your car. So call your authorized participating dealership today and ask about Hyundai’s CAMP, to jumpstart your summer!

Hyundai’s CAMP is ongoing until March 27, 2013.