PIAA Forza Hybrid Silicone Wipers. The last pair you’ll need.


Windshield wipers are things that you don’t really pay any attention to until they fall short in some way. Sometimes it’s a little unpleasant squeak, other times, it’s a full-on failure that keeps you from seeing the road and completely compromises your safety on the road. It’s a vital piece of car equipment that is too often overlooked. Fortunately, PIAA Silicone wipers are now available. The Forza Hybrid Silicone Wipers from PIAA last extraordinarily long, are whisper-quiet and actually coat your windscreen with a thin layer of silicone that causes water to bead and roll right off the glass, so you have a clear view of the road even before you switch the wipers on and a safer ride through even the most torrential downpour.

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