LG offering exclusive access to KPOP content with every purchase of Cinema 3D and Smart TV


Here’s an interesting promotion by done by Korean electronics giant LG – if you buy an LG Cinema 3D and Smart TV anytime from now till March 1, you’ll be able to enjoy about a month’s worth of free KPOP Zone access through the KPOP App on the LG Cinema 3D and Smart TV. If you buy an  HX906 or HB806 LG 3D Home Theater System along with the TVs, LG will also throw in a 3D KPOP Blu-ray disc with the deal. While we’re sure that there’d be people who’d be swayed to buy a new HD TV set for a chance to see Girls Generation on their big-ass TV screen at home, it would have been better if the Korean giant offered a range of exclusive channels to choose from, and not just KPOP.

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