Sony makes you hold up your arms for prizes, chance at $10,000 prize


We’ve heard of unusual contests, but this just takes the cake. Sony is currently running a contest to pimp their latest game, Uncharted 3, which involves you grabbing a ring and holding your arm up longer than anyone else. We wish we were making this stuff up, but sadly we’re not – the whole point of the contest is to see who can hold up their arms for the longest time. Seems like Sony’s giving out prizes for peeps who’re destined to become butlers, with the company shelling out $500 for the person who managed to hold their arms up longest for a day, and $10,000 big ones for the person who has the longest time overall. You’ll also be able to grab different weapon and clothing unlocks of the multiplayer version of the game depending on how long you’ve held out your arm. The contest is only open to US residents though, but if you want to prove you got arm hanging skills, you can go to the official site here.