First impressions: ASUS Zenbook


When ASUS decided to launch its newest, most incredible ultrabook in one of the most serene and eco-friendly destinations in the Philippines, we knew that this was going to have to live up to its name and the reputation attached to it. The ASUS Zenbook is a whole new breed of notebook, if you will, which “encourages people to seek greater meaning in their interactions with technology, rather than simply offer new gadgets.” Though while the sudden downpour in El Nido, Palawan somewhat dampened what would have been a Zen-like experience for any tourist, the ASUS Zenbook (both the UX21 and the UX31), upon seeing its “incredible” design, gave us all the feeling that this is exactly how a very tranquil and “Zen” ultrabook  should look like.

Of course, the Zenbook isn’t all looks and goes beyond what most people would think an “ultrabook” is: slim with very slim-pickings. But there is also no denying that the Zenbook’s design and exterior play a major role in its appeal.

The 13.3-inch UX31 with a 9mm thickness at the back (3mm in the front)


Its sandblasted aluminum finish gives the Zenbook a luxurious design reminiscent of how a luxury watch is designed, with the same circular patterns.


The generously spaced keys make for an elegant and comfortable keyboard and complement the Zenbook’s overall sleek finish.


But don’t let its ultra-sleek, ultra-chic looks fool you into thinking that this incredibly slim and light ultrabook is going to give you slim pickings. From its brief debut before our very eyes, there are already some things even a girl like me is incredibly excited about. Aside from the way it looks (and yes, it looks rather reminiscent of another popular ultrabook but alas, this one runs on Windows thank the heavens), the Zenbook (upon opening and coming from sleep mode), turns on in just two seconds and can last about 2 weeks in sleep. The Bang & Olufsen ICEpower SonicMaster it uses isn’t stingy on sound either. And the fact that they both run on the 2nd generation Core processors just goes to show that you CAN once again “believe in love at first sight” especially when you’ve got something as incredible as the Zenbook keeping you feeling Zen both inside and out.

The UX31 retails at Php 59,995 while the Ux21 retails at Php 53,995. Both will be available the last week of November.