Déjà vu: is RIM ramping up for a fire sale of their own?


There’s been grumblings and rumors on the web recently that RIM is gearing up for their own HP-esque fire sale of their Blackberry Playbooks. According to Boy Genius Report, Rogers Communications have launched an internal sale (meaning the sale is available to Rogers employees only) of RIM’s three Playbook models, with discounts up to 50% off of the price of the device. This comes after RIM’s dismal earnings call in which they admitted that the Playbook failed to live up to expectations, shipping only 200,000 units from the expected 400,000 to 600,000 that they were projecting (take note, shipping is not the same as selling). If the fire sale does materialize, it’ll create a unique issue for RIM locally, as the Playbook is currently being sold by two telcos: Globe and Smart, unlike HP’s massive sell-off of the TouchPad (wherein no units were officially sold locally). It’d be interesting to see how both telcos would handle a refund, if ever the rumors are true.

Source: Arstechnica, Boy Genius Report, Business Insider