HTC Edge leaked, dubbed the world’s first quad-core equipped smartphone


After ASUS revealed that the Transformer Prime would be carrying NVIDIA’s Tegra 3 processor (also known as Kal-El) we knew it wouldn’t be long until a smartphone appeared dragging the superchip in tow. Pocket Now has managed to get leaked pictures and specs of HTC’s supposed next superphone, the Edge, which will supposedly be powered by NVIDIA’s latest and greatest. The HTC Edge will sport a 4.7-inch screen, have 1GB of RAM and more importantly, will have four 1.5GHz cores capable of handling almost anything you can probably throw at it. And since the device is purportedly aimed at a 2012 Q1/Q2 release, then it’s probably safe to say that this particular monster will sport ICS right out of the gate.

Source: Pocket Now